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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 9, 2009 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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you are watching live coverage on c-span2. >> decore becoming a director of national intelligence admiral blair spent 34 years in the united states navy. is less job in the military was as commander in chief of the pacific command the highest ranking officer over u.s. forces in the asia-pacific region.
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previously was the director of the joint staff and served in a budget-- for idf policy positions on several navy staffs and the national security council. he was also the first associate director of the central intelligence-- director of central intelligence for military support. after returning from the navy in 2002, admiral blair l.t. national security studies at the national bureau of asian research and the general of the army omar n. bradley strategic leadership at dickinson college and of the army war college. he was also the president of the institute for defense analysis, a federally funded development corporation focused on national security and serve as deputy executive director of the project and national security reform. i can't say anything more admiral blair, you have done it all. we became the third director of national intelligence on january 29, 2009. directors blair has been gracious enough to share his priorities for the intelligence
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community and if we are lucky we will give insights from his recent trip which included stops in afghanistan pakistan and singapore. i hope you'll join me tonight in welcoming the director national intelligence, director dennis blair. [applause] >> thank you ellen. eight is good to be here this evening. their way to many friends in the audience for me to tell my usual stories. you have either heard them before or know that they are wrong, so i will have to make it up here as i go along. but, it is a pleasure to be here with all of you who have been friends of longstanding and come together as a group to support u.s. intelligence. let me start by thanking for the
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truly and press the devitt alliance of movers and shakers in the intelligence and national security communities. there's certainly no form quite like it, government come industry, academia to share this commitment to meeting the challenges of our times. it was an honor for me to be seated with some of the founders of this organization at the table here earlier this evening. so i would like to talk about three subject tonight. first, i will update you on some of the areas of concern we are following closer and the intelligence community. i will ellen tell you a little bit about the trip that i was on in pakistan and afghanistan, and then i will finish by talking about the priorities for the intelligence community that i have the privilege of bleeding, so let me start by talking about a few of these areas that are of concern to us in the intelligence world. one that is perhaps and usually at the head of the list now are
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the national security implications of the worldwide economic recession, which we are now enduring. it is one thing to look at it as a financial and economic problem, and i will leave it to others to predict how long the current recession is going to go on and when we are going to come out of it, but we tried to view it with regard to the events coming out of it that might help or harm american security interests and the effects, cut both ways. venezuela, russia and iran have less oil revenue. that can be a good thing if it means reduced funding for actions which are against u.s. interests. the overall slowdown has put general pressure on military budgets throughout the world and that is a pretty good thing if these are military budgets that are against our interests but it is not such a good thing if they are the military budgets of our partners and allies with


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